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NEW - DURMA steelworkers & punches & RGS production CNC punching and shearing lines

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A full range of steelworkers & punches, designed and built by Europe's largest machine tool manufacturer.
The Durma brand is already firmly established worldwide in the sheet metal/fabrication industry with a best
selling range of press brakes, shears, turret punches and laser machines. The range of steelworkers & punches are the most modern design on the market today. Practical design features include swan neck die bolster, distortion free shearing of angle & flat plate, and quick change tooling. Now at it's most competative price ever, this range of steelworkers and punches is destined to be a very popular choice in the UK over the coming years.

Durma 45 Steelworker

Single Cylinder, Hydraulic Steelworkers.
Powerful, compact, single cylinder models.
Gooseneck style bolster. Quick change punches and dies.
36 and 45 ton capacity models available.
Model IW 45 single cylinder model illustrated
All models available ex-stock or with minimum lead times

Durma Twin operator steelworker

Twin Operator, Hydraulic Steelworkers
Powerful, twin cylinder range. Gooseneck style bolster
Quick change punches & dies. Distortion
free shearing of angle and flat plate
55; 80; 110 & 165 ton capacity models available

Model IW 110 twin operator model illustrated


Hydraulic Punching Machines
Powerful punching machines.
Modern cylinder
style bolsters. 
Quick change punches and dies.
55; 80; 110 & 165 ton models available

Automatic Punching Machines
Available in two versions:
1] NC semi automatic postioning table which can be fitted to any steelworker or punch in the range
2] Multi P - CNC fully automatic with material clamps, automatic plate positioning and triple punching head



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