NEW-BENDMOR Horizontal Presses

Our BENDMOR horizontal presses are available in a full range of tonnages for all budgets and bending capacities.

BENDMOR Horizontal Presses
BENDMOR Horizontal Presses

With a choice of digital control [with manual and semi automatic operation] or fully programmable CNC operation. The CNC version enables the user to programme a variety of angles and lengths between bends, which is by way of a self feeding, automatic length stop.

Together with a LOW COST compliment of standard tooling, the BENDMOR presses are already a popular addition to our range of fabrication machinery.

Currently available in 10; 20; 30; 40; 50; 80 & 100 ton models 

We welcome customer's sketches and drawings for appraisal of applications that may need bespoke/ special tooling.


BENDMOR Heavy-Duty Straightening Presses

BENDMOR Straightening presses are the best value for money machines on the market. With a choice of models up to 300 tons,

These machines are an invaluable tool to cut the cost of scrapping damaged or bent steel sections of all types,including expensive beams and columns. Safe and simple machines to use with full CE certification from the manufacturers Models currently available are from 200 to 300 ton capacity