NEW - THOMAS Circular Cut-off Sawing Machines

The Thomas range of pull down cut-off saws are robust, durable machines which will give the user many years of trouble free sawing. With cast iron bases and perfectly balanced heavy duty cutting head assemblies, they are a vibration free and very popular saw with operators. Extended saw-blade life between sharpens is also a long term benefit of these top quality circular saws. Hence, they are a much sought after brand in the used machinery trade.

There are three models available with sawblade diameters up to 250; 315 & 350mm. There are range of options to choose from such as single phase motors, pneumatic vices, roller infeed and outfeed material support tables and length stops with metric measuring rules. 

There are two models available. The 350 SUPER TECHNICS SA is for cutting steel and non ferrous metals and the ALU-LINE
TMS450 SA with a high saw speed of 2,800 rpm for rapid mirror finish sawing of aluminium, brass and other soft non-ferrrous metals. Roller material support tables and length stops are also available.