NEW - GEKA steelworkers; punches & high production CNC punching and shearing machines

The GEKA range of Steelworkers & punching machines are renowned world-wide for innovation, quality and productivity. Our knowledge of this range spans 30+ years, so we are well placed to assist and advise customers considering a new machine.

There are 3 models in GEKA's 'entry level' range' of single cylinder steelworkers.
The 4 station Microcrop [no notch station]; the  5 station Minicrop & Multicrop [which has mitring angle station]

HYDRACROP Twin Operator, Hydraulic Steelworkers Powerful, twin cylinder range. Gooseneck style bolster
Quick change punches & dies. Distortion free shearing of angle and flat plate 55; 80; 110; 165 & 220 ton capacity models available

 PP50 A handy low cost portable punch or just an additional machine in a busy fab shop
PUMA Punching Machines
Powerful punching machines with twin guided cylinder design, gooseneck style bolsters. and quick change punches and dies.55; 80; 110: 165 & 220 ton models available. All PUMA models have a 500mm throat

BENDICROP Punching; Shearing and Bending Machines. Powerful 6 station machines, including bending and vee notching. Twin guided cylinder design. Gooseneck style bolsters. Quick change punches and dies. 50; 60 & 85 ton models available

SEMI PAXY CNC Semi automatic positioning tables are available for all 'deep throat' HYDRACROP SD steelworkers and all PUMA punching machines.  PAXY & PAXY PLUS Fully automatic CNC positioning tables are for NC controlled punching & drilling of plates

GEKA FULLY AUTOMATIC CNC PRODUCTION LINES are available for high production processing of plates [ALFA]; angle iron [GAMMA] & beams [SIGMA]

GAMMA for angle iron