THOMAS Mitring Bandsawing Machines

With more than 20 models available, the Thomas range of bandsaws give our customers a good variety to choose from. There is a choice of manual pull down; gravity feed; 'dual-mode; semi automatic & fully automatic machines. Together with a good choice of capacities, there is a machine to suit every workshop and level of production.

 The ZIP range are available in manual pull down or adjustable gravity down-feed, with a             choice of single or double mitre. Sawing widths range from of 200mm to 300mm 

  The heavy duty SUPER TRAD models are double mitring machines, with a choice of manual pull down, auto down-feed & semi-auto. Capacities from widths of 300 to 330mm 

   There are two models in the heavy duty SAR series. Both are semi-automatic machines with width capacities of 480mm or 610mm. Both models are designed for production sawing of medium to large sections and structural beams and columns. Options include mist spray                                 coolant and variable, inverter driven blade speeds.