Best quality, affordable consumables & tooling

To compliment the sale of machinery we offer a complete service for the supply of consumables and tooling. We only supply tried and tested products at a 'value for money' price.
If you've not bought from us before, please give us a try...we aim to please !!

 Rotary Draw & Mandrel Tooling for Tube Benders
For mandrel or rotary draw tube benders; bar benders, ring/section rollers, horizontal presses, press brakes and folders.
We have a wealth of experience in this area of the business, so call us now for sound advice on all of your tooling requirements

 Bandsaw Blades & Circular Cut-off Saw Blades
For fabrication/mitre sawing we recommend a choice, depending on the style of bandsaw machine used and the workload. Morse Matrix for is best suited for general fabrication of small to medium size sections, solids and tubes on pull down and gravity feed bandsaws. Morse Acheiver we recommend for sawing medium to large sections, beams and columns, for trouble free sawing of structural materials. If you're unsure, call us for some sound advice... 

Punches, Dies, Shear Blades and Accessories for Steelworkers
Ours come from the UK's best quality manufacturer, using genuine, top quality Sheffield steel and hardening processes gained from many years of valuable experience. They are made to last ! We are always happy to offer customers advice on: tonnages; punch diameter & plate thickness issues; angle punching; shaped punches & dies.

Linishing Belts
For all linishers; tube grinders and notching machines.
Reasonable prices...and the belts will last !

Misc Consumables & Tooling
Please feel free to email, or call us if you're having trouble sourcing any consumables or tooling. We have years of experience, so can probably point you in the right direction...